Proper Removal Of Asbestos

asbestos removalWorking on a job site that has asbestos involved can be scary. However, what is even scarier is when people are told they have to know the proper ways to handle the removal of asbestos from sites. This is a challenge because asbestos is such a major cancer causing agent, but also because it can cause harm to people at any time. Here are the steps people need to take to properly remove the asbestos from the job site to disposal location.

The first aspect to consider is the safety of everyone involved and the prevention of contamination to the rest of the site. For personal protection, people will want to wear a Tyvek suit over their entire body, a respirator, and safety glasses. These will prevent the asbestos from getting into their system, but does not prevent the rest of the job site from being contaminated. To prevent this from happening people need to use plastic sheets that are taped securely to the walls. This way people will prevent the spread of asbestos particles to the rest of the property.

After these precautions have been taken, it is important to make sure an asbestos removal vacuum is on the job site. Some people may think a regular vacuum with a HEPA filter will work, it does not. In fact, the regular vacuum will take and expel the particles from the asbestos back into the air and this can easily lead to people not getting the clean air they want to have. Only a vacuum that is rated for asbestos removal can be used.

After these tools are in place, people will want to carefully remove the tiles from the location. They will place these tiles into plastic bags that can be sealed to guarantee they are not spreading the dust through the rest of the location. After this has been done, they will need to be taken to a special truck that will take the asbestos contaminated portions to a location to be disposed of.

As many people have found, it is nearly impossible to remove asbestos cheaply. However, by knowing about the proper removal of asbestos from sites, it is easy for people to remove the asbestos from the job site and know it is being taken care of properly. Without this, people may have problems in getting their property cleaned up because of the contaminated panels.

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