Shunnya (pronounced shoo‑nya) means neutrality; a state of deep contemplation, and stillness. Located in the heart of Beechwood Village in Ottawa, Ontario, Shunnya Centre is a charming and peaceful studio devoted to creating and nurturing a sense of community. A welcoming and tranquil haven, Shunnya Centre is dedicated to helping ordinary people live healthy, conscious lives.

At Shunnya Centre, yoga is not a religion and it isn’t about chanting in a cave on a mountaintop. It isn’t about contorting yourself into a pretzel, nor does it mean you’re a “hippie” or that you burn incense. Through yoga, meditation and relaxation, our teachers help you to know yourself and your body. As  your awareness increases, you begin tapping into your body’s wisdom, your life becomes richer and you become stronger, calmer and more flexible.

Our students are everyday ordinary people. They don’t look like the models on the cover of yoga or fitness magazines. Some of them have injuries or chronic health conditions while others are fairly healthy but have forgotten how to relax and want to release stress. They are young people, older people, flexible people, inflexible people, beginner yoga students, and advanced yoga students. One thing they all have in common: they all want to feel great. This is yoga for real people.




63 Beechwood Avenue , Ottawa Ontario K1M1L8 (613) 656-5644 ,